Andrea Charleville

Methos + Charlie

(1) Wavelengths (Highlander)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 26th January 2004 (2)
Tags: Novelette

This series has been recommended more than once, so I thought I'd check it out. This is the first story in the series. I would say this wasn't bad -- but it wasn't that good either. Methos here is a cipher; a man who is in lerv with Charlie, a beautiful psychic. He could have been replaced by any male immortal you care to name and it wouldn't have been much different. There was nothing particularly Methos-y about him -- neither the Wise Ancient nor Death nor Mister Elusive make themselves seen.

That wasn't the only lack. We don't even get to see how Charlie and Methos fall in love. We get one flashback to their first meeting and that's it. Then we get told they're parted lovers. Huh? If I'm going to accept that Methos is in lerv, you gotta do more than just hand it to me as a fait acompli. You've got to show me enough to convince me that this woman has got so much going for her that she can supplant Alexa in Methos' heart. (The guy's got to be allowed to mourn, surely?) I like romance -- when I actually get to see some.

We also get told that the two (Methos and Charlie) have a psychic link. Well blow me down with a spoon -- that's another thing I've been cheated of: seeing how that developed. Not just being told about it afterwards. I like psi things -- when I actually get to see them.

So, now that half the story's been glossed over in the first page, what's the rest of it like? Hmmm, average. The whole gang troop off to LA to rescue Charlie (who's been kidnapped, which they know thanks to the aforementioned psychic link). They also bring in a local P.I. whom we are told (more Telling, note) has previous acquaintance with Amanda. Charlie gets rescued, the bad guy gets his just desserts, and everyone lives happily ever after.