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But Broken Lights (Doctor Who)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 30th August 2008 (14)
Tags: Novella

Summary: "I thought you and me were...I obviously got it wrong." Rose and the Doctor after The Age of Steel.


On the surface, a simple plot: a shock, an argument, peril, hurt, comfort, rescue, hurt, reconciliation. The important thing in this is the characterisation; very much a character-driven plot. Note that the last scene is a teaser for a sequel which hasn't (yet) been written.


Superb characterisation; we get to see Rose deeper than we usually do, and the Doctor also. It's the people who are closest to us that can hurt us the most, and these two hurt each other dreadfully; the truth hurts, even when it's a misunderstanding.


The poetry at the start of the sections fit beautifully. The world-building is imaginative.