Helen Parkinson

By Unfrequented Ways (Blake's 7)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 21st May 2002 (2)
Tags: Novella

It's four years after Gauda Prime, and Blake has an accident which wipes out his memory, but only some of it. The last thing he remembers is Avon shooting him on Gauda Prime -- and he reacts accordingly. This is an intense story filled with sharp Blake-Avon conflict. Darkness, danger, trust, mistrust, truth, lies and confusion abound as lives are balanced precariously on the edge of a knife... and the knife slips.

Reading a story like this reminds me that I like my different fandoms for different reasons, they all have different flavours; if you tried to write something like this as a Sentinel story, for example, it would simply come across as ludicrous instead of perilously real.