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The Boy Who Spoke With Ghosts (Inception/Sixth Sense)

Reviewed by Kathryn Andersen on 28th January 2015 (1)
Tags: Novelette, Crossover, Ghosts, Fusion
Characters: Arthur, Dom Cobb, Mal Cobb
(61K, 21794 words)

Summary: No one suspects Arthur. He's too practical, too organized, too sensible to believe in the supernatural. Based on the kink meme prompt: Arthur's real name is Cole Sear.

I love this, not just for the crossover idea, but because, like both Inception and Sixth Sense, the characters are forced to wrestle with their demons in order to overcome the real dangers they were facing.

Caveat Emptor: this is marked as both slash and gen. I think one can read it either way.