Julia Kosatka & Kellie Matthews-Simmons

In The Dark (Highlander/X-Files/Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 22nd May 2004 (1)
Tags: Novel

I read this before, quite a while ago; indeed, I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of the inspirations for me to write "Winning Is The Only Safety". Written back in 1995, this is a classic. This is really two stories in one; one set in present day, which is where the X-Files comes in, and one set in the Next Gen future -- and Guinan and a certain Immortal are the common threads in the two.

I like the characterisation of this Guinan; the young Guinan, all eager to learn, and the older Guinan, who doesn't even realize that she's closed herself off. It was slightly irritating how Duncan was paraded as a universally attractive man, because, no, he isn't every woman's "type". But, hey, let those who want to drool, drool. This was a good mix of adventure and relationship, and certainly a large read!

(Note: there are two versions of this story, one NC-17 and one PG-13. I read the PG-13 version)