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"Temporary Insanity" (Sentinel/A-Team)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 13th October 2000 (3)

This was fun. The summary says "A team of robbers is holding Cascade hostage with bombs. Enter the A-Team to help". It's been a long time since I saw the A-Team, and I certainly am not in the habit of reading A-Team fanfic, but this brought back some fun memories. The characters seemed right. Murdoch was a delight, though what the plot does with him probably turns this into an AU as far as the A-Team is concerned. But I liked it. It wasn't just a short thing either, there was time for everyone to strut their stuff. It wasn't a "here's the A-Team, let's go and make everyone else look stupid" sort of story, though I admit it did concentrate most of its energy on Murdoch and Face. The opening bit with the email messages was fun, because the reader knows it's an A-Team crossover, and therefore we know something that poor Blair doesn't.
    "Do me a favor, Face. Check with Amy and get me the story on Blair Sandburg."
    "Blair Sandburg. Cascade, Washington. Grad student at Rainier."
    Templeton Peck eyed his friend dubiously. "And just who is this guy to you?"
    "A friend, a pal, a compadre. Same as you, Faceguy, only a little less...present."
    Face groaned, his handsome features contorting in a familiar expression of exasperation. "Murdock, this guy isn't some figment of your imagination, is he? The last thing I need is Amy on my case about researching people that don't exist."

There are more gems of dialogue later on, mostly involving Murdoch... (Well, he's fun!) And there's serious and mystical stuff too (but telling you what, would be a spoiler). This is really a story for dialogue more than descriptions or a lot of plot, but it does have them, just not a lot. I liked it.