Gerry Anklewicz

A Date With Superman (Lois & Clark)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 24th June 2002 (6)
Tags: Novella

This story is a pretty rare thing in Lois & Clark fan fiction; it relates directly to a particular episode by expanding on its background, it slots in neatly to canon, and it isn't an aftermath kind of story where Lois or Clark are spending their time reacting to the events of the given episode. The episode it relates to is "I'm Looking Through You" and the background is, who was the woman who bid $50,000 for a date with Superman? And why did she do so? And what actually happened on the date? This story takes that seed and runs with it, and does it well.

From the start, one is intrigued; one doesn't know, in the first scene, what anyone's motives are, what those significant looks meant -- whether Rachel McCarthy is a pawn, a plant, a dupe or a player. And then what follows is like watching a suspense movie -- secret discoveries, clandestine exchanges, and suspicious deaths. The main character is very engaging, and the plot itself is not predictable. A good read.