Janine Shahinian

Deadly Secrets (Highlander)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 6th March 2003 (4)
Tags: Novella

In my continuing quest for Methos stories, I found this great Watcher story instead. Yes, Methos is in it, but more supporting than foreground. The chief characters here are Shane, a mortal who sees too much, Richie, part of the too much that got seen, and Joe, who loooves recruiting. We also see somewhat of Duncan and Methos, as well as various and sundry Watcher characters and an Immortal or so.

Things that I liked about this:

- attention to detail - firm grounding in the series; this is set during the episodes Chivalry and Timeless, but while the action of those weaves in and out of this story, they are perhipheral to it; the focus is what is happening with Richie and Joe (and Shane) not with Duncan or Methos. Note that if you haven't seen those episodes, some scenes may be a bit confusing. - behind-the-scenes and interesting background stuff about the Watchers - exploring the feelings of those watched and those watching - deadly complications where things aren't quite what one may think

One thing I did find a bit disconcerting was the practice of the author of putting thoughts into quotes, the same kind of quotes as speech. So one would be reading along, and then have to do a double-take and re-read because, oh, X didn't say that aloud after all. Another thing that was a bit confusing was the way that, in scenes from Richie's point of view, Methos is still called Methos, even though, at this point, Richie only knows him as Adam Pierson.