Zadra & Cindy Combs

Black Panther Productions

(516) "Sandburg Squared (CVT-516)" (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 3rd December 2000 (3)

This story was nominated in the Cascade Times 2000 Awards in the best BPP story and best original good guy character (OMC) sections, and I can see why. Obediah Sandburg was a great guest-character, having a bit more depth than he seemed to have at first, and the plot rolled along with some interesting complications. I've got one nit to pick, though; the author seems to have mixed up Australia with South Africa -- so far as I know, Australia isn't famous for its diamond mines. Opals, yes, but not diamonds.

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Addendum: Apparently Australia may not be famous for its diamond mines, but the authors have pointed out to me that such mines do exist and are quite big. See if you're curious.