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Are You Lonesome Tonight...? (Lois & Clark)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 17th July 2002 (2)
Tags: Novel

This is another alternative universe story set around the episode "All Shook Up", positing that instead of Clark's parents being with him on that last night before Nightfall was due to fall, it was Lois instead. It's really no great surprise that "All Shook Up" is a popular one for setting Alternative History stories in -- the idea of an amnesiac Clark Kent is something calling for exploitation. But this one takes the idea and gets a solid grip on it and explores it in loving detail. How would Clark really feel, not knowing who he is? How could he fail to notice some of the odd clues of his life, like glasses that he doesn't need, and what does he make of them? Combine this sort of introspection with the imminent doom that both he and Lois feel, not knowing of any way that this could not be their last night on earth, and you get another type of introspection -- and words exchanged, and actions; plumbing the depths and zooming the heights.

This story is rated PG13, and I'd agree that it would be at least that, considering some of the actions that Lois & Clark engage in. The first half of this is a really good amnesia story; the second half of this is more of a revelation/relationship/aftermath story. I admit there were points in the second half where I felt like saying "enough with the hot passionate kissing already!" but that's a matter of taste, I expect. Even with all that, I couldn't put the story down, particularly in the first half. Thanks to Wendy Richards for recommending it to me.