The Blue Box (Blake's 7/Farscape/Doctor Who)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 17th August 2004 (4)
Tags: Novelette

Now that the multiverse2004 authors are revealed, I can start reviewing them. This one was the one written for my request, and I was astonished (and impressed) to find that she had written two of my options rather than just one: Avon & Zhaan and Cally with The Doctor.

I particularly liked the Doctor; #8 is certainly that mix of surface frivolity and hidden depths. It was also good how Cally was initially so wary -- because her background demands it. Likewise, Avon was very wary ending up in the Farscape universe, though it's a universe that rather demands that. Zhaan was good; there was an interesting tension between them. And the bits with Rigel and Chiana were a riot!

I wasn't so comfortable with Cally sleeping with the Doctor when it's also indicated at the end that she's sleeping with Avon; that needed more to persuade me of it still being in character, or maybe it just seemed too sudden, because there was only a limited amount of time to write the story in. The author did indicate she wanted to expand it; alas, it also seems she wants to expand it in an Adult direction, which is not something I'd want to read. Others may well be happier.