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Luna's Hubby (Harry Potter)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 29th November 2011 (1)
Tags: Novel, AU, Worldbuilding
Characters: Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood
(1023K, 182655 words)

Summary: 7 year old Luna wants a husband, and she wants one now. With the unintended help of her befuddled father, she kidnaps Harry Potter. Idea and 1st chapter by Roscharch's Blot

This starts off with a piece of delightful lunacy, then settles down into a serious story with sparkles of humour. Luna's action has consequences for more than herself and Harry, and many things are better for it. This covers from when Luna was seven through to the year of the Triwizard Tournament.

But this isn't one of those stories where one thing changes and everyone lives happily ever after. It also isn't one of those Super!Harry stories; I'm impressed, because while Luna and Harry are talented and clever and proactive, they don't come across as Canon!Sues, just Ravenclaws brought up in a loving Ravenclaw household. They don't do everything right, they make erroneous assumptions, they grow and learn, they make friends.

And such friends! The friendships forged before they go to Hogwarts continue when they get there, and people make different choices. I love how pre-Hogwarts Draco wryly pretends to do what his father asks in "subtly" influencing Harry and Luna to the pure-blood supremacy ideals. Some characters get a facelift without being whitewashed: we learn more about Sybil Trelawny, and the author actually managed to make me feel sorry for Bellatrix, no mean feat. The characterisation of Dumbledore manages to keep a balance between well-intentioned manipulation and foolishness; this isn't a Dumbledore-bashing story, but he isn't all-wise either.

Note that this was written before Deathly Hallows, so it doesn't take account of the information we learned there. Certain other things have been changed from what we knew from canon, but not enough to worry hugely about, such as different locations for Horcruxes, and slightly different Tasks in the Triwizard Tournament. Also note that scene separators have gone walkabout, probably due to one of's scene-separator massacres. Please don't let that stop you; this story is definitely worth it.