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Think of Something (Doctor Who)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 30th March 2008 (11)
Tags: Short Story

Summary:The first thing the Doctor does after the fall of Gallifrey is go insane for a while. The second thing he does is accidentally cross timelines with an old friend he hasn't met yet.

Here is a post-War, pre-"Rose" Nine, painted with vivid imagery; from the damage to the TARDIS to the damage to his psyche. Some of the images are as short and sharp as thorns.

He peers over the console into the column. The old girl's at a bit of a low watermark, but she's fundamentally all right. Half her systems are shorted right out, though, some of the controls clean melted away. There's an enormous dent halfway around the console, sort of circular with a spray of dried blood that looks like a lopsided star map of the Denduri Nexus.

Then the Doctor meets post-LotTL Jack, who is aware of all the things he shouldn't say; shown with a mixture of affection and exasperation. Good.