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Leap of Faith (X-Files/Quantum Leap)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 7th October 2001 (1)

To even get to read this story was a bit of a saga. I was looking at X-Files crossovers at Gossamer, and downloaded this one along with a bunch of others. Unfortunately, the version I got appeared to be rather corrupted, with bits of sentences (even words) missing every now and then. So I looked all over the net (thanks to Google) and every copy I found appeared to have been taken from that same original. Then I managed to track down the author, and ask her for a clean copy. Unfortunately, she didn't have one (she'd lost a lot of her work in a disk crash a few years ago). Fortunately, after a few enquiries, she was able to get a clean copy from someone else, and send it to me. So, if the copy on Gossamer is still corrupted, you'll have to ask the author...

After all that, it would have been a great disappointment if the story wasn't good. But, fortunately, it was. The plot is long and interestingly complicated. The characters are in character, and do a bit of introspective thinking along the way. Stylewise, the author shows us the scene with immediacy (especially in the opening scene, plonking us into the situation just as Sam would have experienced it). There were some interesting ideas, some of which came as quite a surprise to me, and I'm not sure how plausible some of them were, since I'm not an expert on either show. But it was still good.
    He caught Sam watching him and gave a quizzical grin. "What? You haven't said anything since the 1812. Is something wrong?"
    "Ah, um, nothing really. It must have been something I ate."
    "Scully, (Scully?) I keep telling you not to eat at the FBI cafeteria. That's where they get rid of impounded produce from Customs."
    Her name was Scully? How feminine could you get? thought Sam. And she worked at the FBI? O-o-o-o-kay. Now what?

This story won a Spooky award in the Crossover section.