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Elijah's Cup

(1) Elijah's Cup (Harry Potter/Narnia)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 27th September 2008 (13)
Tags: Novella

Summary:Everyone deserves a chance at redemption. [Prisoner of Azkaban, Chronicles of Narnia crossover]

Three Muggles arrive at Hogwarts, to assist with the Muggle Studies program: two brothers and their sister... by the name of Pevensie. The opening is intriguing, and one wonders how this situation came to be.

However, I feel as if the Pevensies have been Mary-Suified, not just because they're immortal and magic-proof (which, while it makes things too easy, one could possibly argue that it's necessary in order to have this crossover happen at all). No, it's the way that they Pwn everyone and fix everything, and don't make any mistakes. I'm also uneasy at the characterisation of Peter in particular; he seems too... fierce, somehow.