(1) Barista Series (Stargate)

By DietCokeChic
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 26th February 2007 (2)
Tags: Novel

Life as seen through the eyes of Daniel's barista: vigniettes covering selected episodes from Season 1 - 5. (A barista is a fancy coffee preparing person)

Thanks to Izhilzha for recommending this... or perhaps not, since I lost half a Friday and an entire Saturday reading it. I started this to just take a look, and I kept on reading, and reading...

I do like "from another point of view" stories, if the PoV character is engaging, and this one was. Mind you, if you described the plot, you might say "oh noes! Mary-Sue!" but she really isn't. While various things happen which do end up making her more involved with folks from the SGC, it all happens so gradually that it isn't 'Sue-ish. Two of the reasons are that she doesn't "take over" the story (it's still mainly focused on Daniel and his friends, this being the protagonist's view of them), and that we also see some of the other original characters, like the people she works with at the coffee shop; it isn't just her. Yeah, okay, there are coincidences, some of them massive great whopping ones. But it's still fun. This varies from "slice of life" to humour to angst. Go read it -- but wait until a long weekend...