Susan Stone

Laney Kent

(1) Laney and the Giant Killers (Lois & Clark)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 24th June 2002 (8)
Tags: Short Story

This is the chronologically earliest story in the series of stories about Laney Kent, the middle daughter of Lois and Clark Kent, and the only one without superpowers. This was actually written second, so you can decide for yourself what order you want to read them in. And of course, if you can't stand kids stories, then don't read it. And if you can't stand stories where Lois & Clark aren't the main characters, don't read it. But otherwise, this is worth reading. Laney Kent discovers that her parents have been keeping secrets from her, and she's Not Happy -- in more ways than one. I like the way that she doesn't take it calmly... and also how Clark copes in the role of parent, and the love shows through.

(2) Aliens and Strangers (Lois & Clark)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 24th June 2002 (9)
Tags: Novella

This was the first written, but chronologically second story in the stories about Laney Kent. People who hate Christianity will loathe this story, since it features a Christian character thinking deeply religious thoughts. For me it seemed a bit like the author (through this character) was working through the serious theological issues that would arise for Clark Kent's family, in that he's an alien, and not a human being; and therefore the question arises as to whether or not the Gospel could apply to him and his family or not. One half of me wants to plunge into excited discussion about this, and the other half of me cringes because the issues felt almost forced. Still, I do like the character of Laney, and Thad was a nice guy. The scene where certain erronious assumptions are knocked out with a basketball was as nice a "revelation" scene as one could ask for.