Black Panther Productions

(520) "Hazardous Duty (CVT-520)" (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 3rd December 2000 (5)

This was a good case story (it read like an episode of Police Rescue), with some nice Jim-Blair banter.
    "I don't know. Maybe we should both just quit trying to date. You know, get a room together at St. Sebastian's. Contemplate the error of our ways. We'd save a lot of money that way. No rent to pay, no utilities and a really cheap wardrobe, robes and sandals provided for free."
    After a moment of silence, both men stared at each other and in perfect unison answered, "NAH!"
    "No TV, no radio, and more importantly, no paycheck."
    "Yeah, I guess you're right. Besides, those robes are really drafty."