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Even A Single Candle (Tomorrow People/X-Men)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 15th November 2004 (1)
Tags: Short Story

This is good in so many ways. It opens with a telepath's-eye view of the situation, clearly painted; it continues in tension and danger, and then what might seem like weary stubbornness: two opposing views, unyielding, dark and light. The summary says "Adam knows what's at the end of the tunnel" and that's so true. What's even better is that I couldn't be sure what the ending would be. That it ends in hope makes me very happy.

Regarding the X-Men characterisation, I can't really comment, because I'm coming at this from the other end: I don't know all that much about the X-Men, having only seen the first movie. That was enough to certainly follow and understand the story, but I don't feel qualified to say whether the X-Men characters were in-character or not.