Rachel Martin

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Leave It (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 16th March 2001 (2)

This is an Alternative Universe story in which Jim and Blair meet in South America just before Jim goes to Peru. I'm not quite sure of what to say about this one. It is not warm and fuzzy. It is gritty, a little sordid, definitely rated AO. It is also well-written, enthralling, absorbing. Undoubtedly different. This is Army-Jim here, man with no home but the army, military crew-cut regulation and all. And Blair is showing his mother's influence... they dislike each other on sight. And yet... something is drawing them together. The Sentinel is already out of the box...

This is more about Jim than about Blair; told from his point of view, and the story has already been rolling a while when Blair comes on the scene. It also seems much more realistic in regard to Army life; this stuff is serious (and sordid). Take heed of the rating.

Unfortunately, we seem to be left up in the air; it ended too soon. Or at least, ended too soon if one was interested in what happened to Jim and Blair, instead of just Jim. I'm left wondering if we're just expected to assume that things happened the same way as in canon, that Jim went off to Peru and got shot down... missed it by that much. I don't know.

Read it if you want something different.