"Eyes of a Killer -- Eyes of a Savior" (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 18th March 2002 (3)

The summary says: "Alternative Universe. Jim = International Assassin. Blair = The Target" The idea intrigued me, I wanted to see if the author could pull it off -- and amazingly, she did. I wasn't entirely clear how it was that this Blair knew Simon so well, or whether Blair lived in Cascade or not, but the rest of it was made to fit pretty well. It was set at the same time as "Fool Me Twice", since it features the Genevieve Benet plot as a bit of a backdrop. This Sandburg has his doctorate, and is a human rights activist. This Jim... well, read it and find out. There were touches that reminded me of D.L. Witherspoon's Jim, in that he's charming and protective and powerful, with incredible people-resources; but he seems a bit more human too, when Blair touches on subjects that are unexploded-bomb territory in Jim's psyche -- instant freeze-ray! There were also some good insights. There were a few typos (e.g Whose instead of Who's) and one bit of fanon ("grounding him") which seemed to come out of left field, but I didn't let it bother me much.