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"Travel Light" (Doctor Who/Farscape)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 14th September 2005 (10)

Here we come to my favourite of the Multivere 2005 crop. The Seventh Doctor and Ace become involved in a rebellion against the Peacekeepers. This makes perfect sense. Of course if the Doctor happens to drop into a situation of rebellion against oppressors, he's going to help. It's what the Doctor does! Since this is told from mainly Ace's point of view, one doesn't have to be all that familiar with the Farscape universe, really, though it helps.

This has got so much in it: adventure, rebellion, plans, betrayal, dilemmas, good, evil, good intentions, gizmos, loyalty, encouragement, and a hopeful ending. And Baniks, of course. With a great Stark, and Planning!Doctor and GungHo!Ace, and, like, it's great, okay? Just read it.