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Gavilan (Stargate)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 1st October 2001 (28)

This was a good story, and no surprise it was nominated in the 2001 Stargate Fan Fiction Awards, best Teal'c story. I really like stories that give you a different viewpoint on Our Heroes -- in this case, a test pilot who meets Teal'c. (Of course, I have to mention that this story is inconsistent with the episode "Tangent" but I assume it was written before that aired.) Both Gavilan (the pilot) and Teal'c were well-written in this, and there are some delightful ironies. The author remembers what the characters don't know, and gets some good mileage out of it.
    "You might get a better idea how she flies from the chase plane, at least for the first flight out..."
    "I will observe from within the secondary cockpit," said Teal'c.
    "Uh, yeah. Well the instrumentation there is still the original. It's in that funny code..."
    "Of this I am aware."
    "We'll be pulling some g's..."
    "I understand."
    Not easily dissuaded, are you?

Some Days it Sucks to be Me (Stargate)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 9th June 2000

This wasn't a bad story at all. It was built up quite nicely (good opening) and apart from a few typos and a bit of awkward phrasing, it worked well. Certainly the idea was a good one, one I'd actually like to see explored further.