Lamb And The Light

(1) Let There Be Light (Highlander/X-Files)

By Ecolea
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 24th January 2001 (1)
Tags: Novella

This author again demonstrates that she can do crossovers well. This time it's X-Files and Highlander, again with Methos as a major character. For those who like the interaction of Mulder and Scully, you won't get that here; Mulder is the only other major character, everyone else is supporting or minor. Yes, this is a Mulder-becomes-immortal story (one can figure that from the opening paragraphs) but with a twist: Mulder doesn't know he's Immortal, and nobody tells him. I like the way Mulder is, sceptical and sharp, and the way Methos is, cynical but not walking away.

When Cassandra turns up... I am a bit tired of psycho-Cassandra stories, but what Mulder told her to do was priceless. (I shall say no more)

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(2) Lie Down With The Lamb (Highlander/X-Files)

By Ecolea
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 24th January 2001 (2)
Tags: Novelette

The continuing adventures of Fox Mulder, Immortal. This was good, but not as good as the previous one. One moment it's a light lets-all-be-buddies story, the next it's a grim let's-find-this-serial-killer story; I found the tone to be uneven. This author definitely goes in for buddy stories; in Changing of the Guard it was Methos and Jack; here it's Methos and Mulder.

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