DawnC & Kim Heggen

Faux Paws Productions

(502) Hallowed Halls (FPP-502) (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 8th June 2000

This one did even more to reassure me and reconcile me to Blair-as-cop. Blair is still Blair, with his second thoughts, and - thank goodness - we get to see things from Jim's point of view too.

I liked this bit:
    "You have to decide, Chief... you have to ask yourself the question: What's best for Blair Sandburg? Not, what's best for Jim Ellison?"
    "I was hoping," Blair whispered, "that they were the same thing."

It was really good to see that for Jim, Blair-as-his-cop-partner is the brass ring - but that he also had enough perception that he wouldn't want Blair to do it just because he felt he had no other choice. And it was good to see the mixed fallout, both good and bad, of TSbyBS.