Helena Handbasket

"Actualize This" (Sentinel/Stargate/Invisible Man)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 15th March 2003 (4)

Jim & Blair, Jack & Daniel and Darien & Hobbes are all forced to endure a weekend teamwork-building retreat. This was fun fun fun. A well-balanced crossover, we get to (a) see each team from the other guys point of view (with some hilarious descriptions) and (b) watch each team shine in they way that only they can. While some characteristics seemed a trifle exaggerated, a lot of that was just perception, and just ended up being part of the fun. One thing I liked in the well-balanced stakes is that each team actually managed to mostly-solve the mystery separately, in different ways. And there were all these little touches...
    "My brother was a genius too," Snake related abruptly. "Yeah. But he's dead now."
    "Well I know how he feels," Daniel muttered, prompting Jack to look at him sharply.
    "Daniel," he admonished, raising his eyebrows with as much depth of meaning as he could possibly muster.
    Daniel rolled his eyes and tilted his head towards Snake. "Jack."
    Jack wasn't sure if he bought that argument. "Daniel?"
    Okay, so maybe Daniel was right. Offhand remarks that were intended as sarcasm but also just happened to be true thanks to highly advanced alien technology didn't exactly constitute a breach of global security. Jack frowned and gave a concessionary shrug. Across the table, he heard Mr. Millhouse murmur, "Ooh, they're good."

This is also available at http://www.sg1-heliopolis.com/, which is where I originally found it. Probably better to get the one on the author's page, because this one had formatting problems.