Net-Fic Reviews

Gone But Not Forgotten

What is this?

This is a sort of annexe to the main Net-Fic reviews page, which contains the old reviews of stuff which used to be on the net, but can no longer be found. I thought it would be unfair to keep these sad relics with the main stuff, to cause dissappointment, but I don't want to remove them altogether, because, who knows, they might come back again. Or somebody you know might have a copy. Or somebody might tell me where they've moved to!

It has been suggested (thanks Salla!) that some of these stories may actually have been archived at with their "Wayback Machine" having taken suitable snapshots of the websites in question. Gentle Readers are invited to forage there if they wish, but I'm not going to try to put up suitable search URLs myself.

For lost Sentinel stories, check out The Sentinel Archive Project; this is a project aimed at preserving lost Sentinel stories, though said stories aren't kept online at the project, you have to email the archivists.