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Ghost Stories (Alternate Worlds Remix) (Torchwood)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 29th April 2008 (20)
Tags: Short Story

Summary:There is a spot on the pavement in Cardiff where reality is thin. Sometimes, the ghosts of different pasts can be seen.

This is a remix of AstroGirl's "Sandstorm in a Sideways Hourglass", told from Jack's point of view. In some ways this is even creepier than the original. I like the characterisation of Jack here, and the kind of nightmares he has.

Stuck in Traffic At the Magic Roundabout (Doctor Who)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 7th June 2008 (28)
Tags: Short Story

Summary:The dangers of running into oneself had been drummed into Jack Harkness from his first days at the Academy. (speculation, backstory, since Jossed)

This story is now inconsistent with canon, but it's a very good extrapolation of what might have been Jack's Torchwood backstory, which I like even better because it ties up loose ends that canon didn't tie up.

We shouldn't keep meeting like this (Stargate/Doctor Who)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 2nd October 2005 (3)
Tags: Crossover, AU Jossed
Characters: ?Jack O'Neill, Jack Harkness

Summary: Who is the strange visitor that keeps popping up in Jack O'Neill's life?

Nicely done crossover, where Jack and Jack keep on meeting. This has spoilers for "Parting of the Ways"; this actually does a nice job of solving the "What happened to Captain Jack?" problem at the end of that, which probably means it will end up being AU as well, but who cares? I liked the way the time-travel stuff was worked in. And both Jacks were in character.